About the program

This blog is documentation of a six-week study abroad program for students in the Graphic Design program in the University of Tennessee School of Art from May 15 – June 25, 2016. Entitled the “Museum Studies Interaction Program” it is a joint collaboration with the University of Oslo with support from the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU) program, a division of the Norwegian Ministry of Education. This grant was provided by the Partnership Program with North America.

Working in partnership with the University of Oslo (UiO) MEDIATE program and the Norwegian Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, students in this study abroad program will conduct a research-driven design project that sits at the intersection of design, technology and cultural heritage. Working in small groups, students will address an emergent need relevant to the use of technology for visitor engagement inside the National Museum.

Work will include an extensive research analysis and the execution a design prototype under the direction of Associate Professor Sarah Lowe of UTK and Dr. Palmyre Pierroux of UiO. Students will have direct access to the cultural partner site, and educational experts, students and technology staff at the MEDIATE research group. The project will culminate in a formal presentation of both a design brief and designed prototype delivered to the museum administration and relevant partners.

In addition to this project, students will also carry out a personal documentation of the city. The end result will manifest in a form that can be shared with others both inside and outside the study abroad program. Upon return, the students will put on a small exhibit of the work conducted over the program in addition to submitting the final outcome to the UTK undergraduate research competition.

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