teknisk museum

by Erik Vass

Coming from Oak Ridge, a secret city who’s contributed to the foundation of atomic energy, I have always been interested in science and technology. When I discovered there was a technology museum in Oslo, I had to go.

Unborn twins, retired aircrafts, planetariums, instruments, and more. The Norsk Teknisk Museum is a world of achievement from top to bottom. A spectrum of all sciences and technologies presented in fun interactive ways. Each floor is divided into sections through modes of technology based in Norway or applied to everyday physics. Some sections were dark and ominous while others were fun and interactive. Four floors of different technologies makes you appreciate not only how far we have come, but how advanced we have taken our technologies.

The tactile experience is not only a fun and enjoyable, but educational and practical. Yell into a 50 meter tube and see how long it takes for sound to travel to the other side. Whisper into a dish and hear someone from across the room. Spin a lever and create a whirlpool. Create a vacuum and listen the sound dissipate. Each station is as fun and educational as the next. Even for the dry materials, such as outdated technology, they made it fun and interesting using multimedia of sound, interaction, and a tactile experience.

The interaction that really resonated with me was a demonstration of the difficulty of making atoms collide. Using a strength test you were prompted to jump on a pad as hard as you could to make the two atoms collide. BAM – I jumped as hard as i could. The ball rose 1 meter and promptly fell, smashing to the ground. I tried again, harder this time; BAM – Same thing. If you can get those atoms to collide you would have the power of 1000 bombs, but its not so easy is it?

At the end of the museum there was a special exhibit about games, “Game On.” These games date back to the oldest electronic games ever made to the most recent. Play Pong, or wear a full virtual reality mask and walk through a world of its own. Growing up with video games my whole life I had a sense of nostalgia playing those old games. Hundreds of set-ups with games that date all the way back from the beginning of electronic gaming.


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